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How To Pick The Best Valentine’s Day Flowers For Your Significant Other

The 14th of February is quickly coming up, and you might be in a rush to send out Valentine’s Day flowers to that special person in your life. And if you're really feeling romantic, the perfect flower is a rose. Now, while red roses are practically a staple for the occasion, they might not match exactly what you feel. The saying, “a rose is a rose is a rose” shouldn’t be applied to one of the most romantic holidays of the year! Thankfully, for almost every affectionate feeling, there is a rose color that you can use to convey your sentiments.

Not sure which type of flowers fit your loved one on Valentine's Day? We've got you covered. 

The one thing some men get wrong when it comes to Valentines Day flowers is not ordering ahead. They think they have to order the day itself or the day before to make sure the flowers are fresh.

But the problem with this is the closer it gets to Valentine's Day, the busier the florists are. You might not get the best stock or even the best flowers such as red roses, as these tend to sell out fast. 

Your best bet is to order early so you can give your lady love your preferred floral gift. But if for some reason, you weren't able to order early, at least try to buy your blooms in person. This way you can check for freshness and ensure the flowers will not droop the next day. Giving a red rose or a dozen of them on Valentine's Day is traditional. Now, some guys don't have a problem with that. And if you want to give your sweetheart a bouquet of red roses come February 14, then go for it.

 You don’t have to go the roses route on Valentine’s Day. Tulips are another popular favorite and are said to convey feelings of romance due to the resemblance of a tulip bud with puckered lips ready to kiss.

Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the biggest day in the world for sending flowers, as well as cards and chocolates. The rose's meaning stems from the Victorian era when floral bouquets studded with these blooms were used to deliver a message to love interests. Enjoy this beautiful day with our lovely arguments.

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