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What is the traditional gift for the first year wedding anniversary?

If you're a traditionalist at heart, you might be searching for just the right gift for your spouse or favorite couple. The first wedding anniversary is probably one of the greatest milestones in any couple’s life. The first year of marriage can have its ups and downs as both partners get used to their new marital state, but after 12 months of union, a greater understanding has formed between them and they are ready to face the future as a stronger and happier couple. It is therefore appropriate to mark this once in a lifetime occasion with a gift that is memorable and meaningful, and what better way to do that than to look to tradition and discover inspiring ideas of what to give as traditional first anniversary gifts.

The traditional 1st-anniversary gift is considered to be paper, while the modern gift is a clock, which commemorates the passage of time over this important first year. Carnations are the official flower of the first anniversary and represent youthful, passionate love.

Traditional Gift Symbolism: Paper

When the first wedding anniversary approaches, many couples are still in the honeymoon phase and may not have encountered the difficult ebbs and flows that come with marriage. That’s in part why paper has been the traditional gift for the first anniversary for well over 100 years. Paper is both fragile and withstanding, just like the early years of your marriage. Take care of the paper, and it will maintain a story for a lifetime. Handle the paper carelessly, and it will fade, tear, and disintegrate into nothing.

Modern Gift Symbolism: Clock

Clocks speak to relationships in a similar sentiment. Think of how quickly the first year passed by. The clock represents the movement of time, and with time comes good times, change, and challenge. Time is precious; just like your relationship. The clock is another reminder to spend time nurturing your relationship for the years to come.

Buying some stationery or a wall clock might seem simple enough, but the nuance is what will set your gift apart. Make your gift as personalize and symbolic as possible. These first-anniversary gift ideas will help get you started.

Like many other years, the 1st wedding anniversary has many symbols and themes connected with it, from flowers and colors to materials and contemporary suggestions. Give  us a call and together we can find some of the most commonly recognized traditional 1 year anniversary gift ideas that we can mix and match to create a token of appreciation that your loved ones will cherish for many more years of blissful marriage!

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