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Pie Truffles Chocolate

Pie Truffles Chocolate

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This Belgian-made candy collection consists of chocolate confections shaped like little pie slices and filled with traditional-pie-style fillings. There are four flavors—two of each kind in the package—designed to remind you of your holiday favorites: Apple Pie (caramel apple cinnamon filling with milk & white chocolate shell); Pumpkin Pie (cranberry ginger cinnamon filling with milk & dark chocolate shell); Pecan Caramel Pie (salted caramel pecan filling with milk & dark chocolate shell); and Silk Mousse Pie (chocolate and vanilla crème filling with milk & white chocolate shell). Additionally, the top of each slice has been decorated by hand, with biscuit crumbs, milk chocolate pieces, caramelized pecan nuts, and brownie cookie crumbs, respectively.


These Pie Truffles are charming on a dessert tray, or as a marvelously meta decoration for a full-sized pie slice.

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