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Vintage Warm Color 17 Inch Forever Flowers.Wedding Bouquet.

The use of warm colors of various similar colors to match the flowers gives a deep, intellectual feeling, and a variety of materials make the bouquet coordinated and unified without being boring.

Forever Wedding Bouquets are crafted to look stunning not just on your wedding day but for years to come. They retain their original beauty without wilting or fading.
Artificial bouquets are often more budget-friendly than fresh flowers, especially if you're planning a wedding during a season when certain blooms are expensive or hard to find.
Artificial flowers are a great option for couples and guests with allergies as they don't produce pollen or scent. You won't have to worry about keeping your bouquet hydrated, which can be a concern with fresh flowers, especially during outdoor ceremonies or hot weather. Ideal for destination weddings or remote locations, artificial bouquets can be prepared in advance and transported without the risk of wilting or damage during travel.
Choosing artificial flowers can be more eco-friendly as it reduces the demand for cut flowers, which can have a significant environmental impact. Forever Wedding Bouquets serve as beautiful keepsakes. You can preserve and display them in your home as a lasting reminder of your special day. You won't have to worry about the condition of your bouquet leading up to or during the wedding. Artificial bouquets are low-maintenance and stress-free.  Artificial bouquets are versatile and can be used in various settings, including outdoor ceremonies where natural elements may be less predictable.
You can choose your favorite flowers regardless of the season, ensuring your bouquet matches your vision perfectly. Unlike fresh flowers that may wilt or fade during outdoor ceremonies or in harsh lighting conditions, artificial bouquets maintain their vibrancy.
In summary, Forever Wedding Bouquets offer enduring beauty, customization, budget-friendliness, and versatility, making them an attractive choice for couples seeking a timeless and hassle-free wedding bouquet option.

 About this item

  • The use of more than 10 kinds of flower and leaf materials to match, materials are: dark pink and purple artificial roses, velvet red simulation roses, vanda orchid fake flower, artificial peonies, artificial tulips, artificial calla lilies, faux gerbera daisies, etc.
  • Approximately 17 inches wide. Hand tasseled chiffon ribbon wrapped around the handle of the bouquet. Material: silk flowers, plastic flowers, etc. No foam flowers.
  • Natural style bouquet, the main form is a natural fan-shaped bouquet.
  • Suitable for wedding celebrations, parties, wedding photo props, can also be used as a romantic gift for Valentine's Day. A simple and rustic look to experience a strong natural flavor on a breezy afternoon.
  • Note: This is a hand-matched bouquet, each hand bouquet is made of the same materials, in roughly the same position but not exactly the same; there may be some deformation during storage and shipping, please adjust the flowers upon receipt to restore their shape. If the leaves are wrinkled you can use a hair dryer to smooth them out.
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