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Easter Basket gift ideas for the kids

Easter brings hope, new beginnings, and Eternal Life. Enjoy the holiday because gifting never been easier. Easter gift baskets are the Christmas stockings  of spring — and there’s an art to filling them with a mix of delightfully surprises  and practical goodies. Easter is a great opportunity to indulge your child’s interests, inspire fun and creativity, and introduce them to new things. If you’re looking for alternatives to the standard Easter fare that the little one in your life will actually love, there are a ton of great toys, games, and kits that are sure to keep them entertained for hours. This year, give those special little ones something other than a sugar high by picking up one of our great Easter gift basket ideas for kids instead. 

Here are some Easter basket gift ideas for kids:

  1. Stuffed animals: Soft and cuddly stuffed animals, such as bunnies, chicks, or lambs, can be a cute and playful addition to an Easter basket.

  2. Coloring books and crayons: Coloring books and crayons can provide hours of entertainment and creativity for kids of all ages.

  3. Books: Books that celebrate the Easter holiday, such as "The Story of Easter" or "The Tale of Peter Rabbit," can be a great way to teach kids about the meaning behind the holiday.

  4. Easter-themed candy: Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and other Easter-themed candies are a classic addition to any Easter basket.

  5. Puzzles and games: Puzzles and games, such as a jigsaw puzzle or a board game, can provide fun and challenging activities for kids and the whole family.

  6. Outdoor toys: Spring is a great time to get outside and play, so consider adding outdoor toys like jump ropes, bubbles, or sidewalk chalk to the Easter basket.

  7. Art supplies: Art supplies like paints, markers, or modeling clay can inspire creativity and imagination in kids.

  8. Personalized items: Adding a personalized touch to the Easter basket, such as a monogrammed Easter egg or a personalized tote bag, can make it a special and memorable gift.

Overall, Easter basket gift ideas for kids should be fun, playful, and age-appropriate. By including a variety of items, you can make sure the Easter basket is tailored to the child's interests and preferences.

Whether they are into LOL Surprise, mermaids, Nintendo, Hot Wheels, arts and crafts, LEGO, or Hello Kitty, curating a gift basket to fulfill your child’s fantasies is easier than you think. Surprise the kids in your life with something more than just chocolate with these gifts. And for additional money-saving gift ideas, be sure to call E.B.G, which has plenty of gift baskets  for boys and girls.

That's where we come in. We have a gift basket for every member of your family that's perfect for the season and won't hurt your wallet. That's right, we covered every family member. Mom, Dad, adult children, teens, kids, babies, and even the dog! Consider this your one-stop shop for Easter baskets this year, but, if you want to check out a few more in-depth gift guides, we've got plenty.

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