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Make Magic Memories - Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. Hard as it may be to imagine, Valentine’s Day is a little under a month away, so now’s probably a good time to start searching for the perfect gift – because no one wants to frantically run to the grocery store for last minute chocolate and flowers. Whether you’re shopping for a significant other, best friend, pet, or just want to treat yourself, the E.B.G team knows a thing or two about finding the best modern and unique Valentine's Day gift.

Loved by many all over the world, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your partner just how much you care about her. For many lovers, February 14 is more than just the gift, but the message behind the gifts. 

The woman in your life deserves the best and this time, take some time out to put more thoughts into the gifts you pick out for her. Nobody says you shouldn’t schedule a flower delivery or send a chocolate gift box, but let’s switch this up a little by adding a very thoughtful gift into the mix. 

Don’t know what? Here are seven thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas to tell your partner just how much you love her. 

Whatever gift ideas we recommend, remember that no one knows your partner better than you, and these are only recommendations to help you make better choices. You don’t have to use everything word for word, lol!

  • Books

Whoever said books aren’t a great gift must not have met a bookworm. Every book lover would love a new set of books o add to their collection. 

If you’re not sure what books they’d like, you can always buy them a subscription plan or a Kindle.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful season of love; whatever gift ideas you choose, remember it’s the thought that counts and your partner would surely love it.

  • Get Her Some Plants

Instead of buying her flowers that’ll wither away after some time, get her a mini garden. Now, of course, for this to be the perfect gift, your partner has to be a plant lover. 

Get a mini plant box and fill it with seeds of plants she loves. Nothing says I listen more than making her the plant mom she always wanted to be, lol.

  • Set Up A Subscription Box

Another great way to express affection is to remove inconveniences, some of which might be bills. Cut your partner some slack by paying off some of her subscriptions for the quarter or year.

Whether it’s her WIFI subscription, streaming, gym subscription or food plan. Trust us; she’d love the break. 

  • 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Create your fun calendar with dates and special events you could do as a couple. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to end on the 15th, and date nights should not be limited to special occasions. 

Plan your couple time together, including all the fun stuff you like to do together. Oh! And planning date nights in advance would save you the stress of having to think up a new plan every weekend. 

You also shouldn’t feel pressured when creating your calendar; add romantic stuff like couple massages, dinner or more regular stuff like paintballing. 

We hope you going to have very happy Valentine's day and year full of love

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