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Unique Souvenirs ans gifts from Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an amazing place to visit, and like most travels, there is a good chance that you’ll want to take a cool souvenir home from your visit to commemorate your trip. You may even want to pick up a few gifts for family and friends. Las Vegas is known for its vibrant nightlife, casinos, and entertainment, but there are also many unique souvenirs and gifts that you can bring home to remember your trip. That being said, the same old boring souvenirs just won’t do. Luckily we have the solution!

  1. Customized Poker Chips: Personalized poker chips with the recipient's name, favorite team, or logo can be a unique and practical souvenir.

  2. Slot Machine Charm: A slot machine charm for a bracelet or necklace can be a fun and playful souvenir for a Las Vegas lover.

  3. Mini Eiffel Tower: A miniature Eiffel Tower from the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino can be a charming and whimsical souvenir for someone who loves the city of lights.

  4. Elvis Presley Memorabilia: Las Vegas is famous for its connection to the "King of Rock and Roll," and there are many Elvis-themed souvenirs to choose from, such as CDs, t-shirts, or a figurine.

  5. Cactus Candy: Cactus candy made from prickly pear can be a unique and delicious treat that you can only find in the Southwest.

  6. Vintage Vegas Posters: Vintage posters from the golden era of Las Vegas can be a stylish and retro addition to any home or office.

  7. Las Vegas Show Tickets: Giving the gift of entertainment by purchasing tickets to a Las Vegas show can be a memorable and fun experience for a loved one.


Finding a fantastic souvenir is not difficult in Las Vegas as the city is abundant in shops, museums, shows, and more that you can visit to shop for unique gifts. From a human jawbone business card holder to your own mini Welcome to Las Vegas sign, you certainly don’t have to go home with the same-old, same-old!
Bringing home chips from your favorite casino can be a great way to get a souvenir you love. However, these are worth money, and you usually want to cash them in at the end of the night, so you don’t lose out.
However, you can have custom poker chips made while in Las Vegas that are a great way to commemorate your trip, plus they also make a great gift.The shop offers collectible chips and dice from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s ranging in price based on their condition. You can also find modern-day dice sold here for just a few dollars, great for any gambling aficionado and an extremely inexpensive little gift.
If you have someone in your life who loves gambling, they’ve probably heard of the World Series of Poker (aka WSOP) as this is considered the Main Event in the world of professional poker. While this competition is not for beginners and costs thousands just to enter, many would love a souvenir from the event as a keepsake. This can be especially true if you have a favorite player whom you follow.
When you’re visiting the city that never sleeps, you’ll quickly realize that there is an endless array of food to choose from. In fact, some of the most delicious food available anywhere is found in Las Vegas and believe it or not you may be able to bring some of these delectables home with you!
These edible souvenirs are the gift that keeps on giving (at least until you eat it all) and are a great present to bring home for those on your shopping list. 
If you want to get souvenir you will never forget, you can purchase something that is so deeply Las Vegas, you simply could not find it anywhere else. Here are some options that are extremely unique and quirky but, for the right person, will make the coolest Las Vegas souvenir ever.
While visiting the big city, it can be easy to forget that you are actually deep in the heart of the Mojave Desert. Nothing in this world says desert more than a cactus, which is a great souvenir to take home to remind you of your stay in the land that moisture forgot
If you’ve visited the city before, you know one of the most memorable things to do is to stop by the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. While stopping for a picture is a great keepsake, wouldn’t it be great to have your very own sign?
However, there is an endless number of shops available that you can visit and browse for yourself to find the perfect gift or keepsake. 
If you don't have the time and would love to spend it gambling or just having fun on the strip we are here to help. Simply call or email us and we  will gladly deliver your souvenirs well packaged for you or for your friends back home!
Enjoy Envelove Beyon Gifts!
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