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On a Hunt for the Perfect Father's Day Gift

The nation’s first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in the state of Washington. However, it was not until 1972–58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official–that the day honoring fathers became a nationwide holiday in the United States. Father’s Day 2021 will occur on Sunday, June 20.

In other countries–especially in Europe and Latin America–fathers are honored on St. Joseph’s Day, a traditional Catholic holiday that falls on March 19.

Although your dad may say he doesn't want anything for Father's Day this year, you know that showing up without a present isn't really a possibility. After all, he's the guy you looked up to all these years, and it's only fitting to get him a Father's Day gift that shows just how much you appreciate him and all that he does for your whole family.

No matter how many father figures you have on your list this year, show them your love and appreciation with our round-up of favorite, father-approved presents.

You want to get a unique Father's Day gift that he'll actually use — something that's meaningful, funny, or a little bit of both.

Looking for something thoughtful and heartfelt to surprise your dad with the best Father's Day gift this Father’s Day? Show him how thankful you are with a gift packed with personality and sentimen.

We are full of unique ideas to celebrate your husband, dad, grandpa or another special guy in your life.Our gifts to dad includes everything from a  BBQ apron to a custom children’s book for new dads, proving that personal is always the way to go.If your dad is a self-proclaimed grill master, monogram apron letting him know that he’s #1 in your heart is the perfect personalized gift for him this year. If you want to take things up a notch, pair these instant keepsakes with a personalized Father's day or DIY gifts.

That's exactly why we've rounded up the best Father's Day gifts for every kind of father figure in your life, including your step-dad, father-in-law, or grandpa. That's right, most of these picks work for any of the men in your life, like your brother who just became a new dad or your husband who is the best dad to your kids. Oh, and if you're shopping for multiple people, we made sure to include plenty of budget-friendly options

Present are important but don't forget to turn his day into fun. We will give you few fun family activities to make his day special and memorable. 

1. Have an indoor picnic

Rearrange the furniture in your living room to create an outdoor picnic, indoors! Include Dad’s favorite lunchtime goodies and snacks. Plus side? You won’t have any bugs to worry about!

2. Fly a kite in your backyard

You don’t need to go very far to have a great time with Dad! Buy a kite online or make your own. Pick a time when the wind is high then go into your backyard to make everlasting memories that will last for a lifetime!

3. Have fondue for dinner

Fondue? More like FonFUN! Find fondue recipes online or create your own and have a dinner experience Dad will never forget!

4. Create an At-Home Wine Tasting

Does Dad consider himself a wino? Pour glasses of wine with the bottles you have in your home and have dad come up with stories about how the grapes made it into his mouth.

5. Spoil him with breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed isn’t just for Mother’s day.Dad’s can enjoy it too! Whip up some of his favorite brunch treats and start Father’s Day off right.

6. Go on a virtual tour 

Many famous museums like the Guggenheim in New York City and the British Museum in London are offering virtual tours. Fire up the computer and let Dad get lost in the art.

7. Have an outdoor family movie night

If one of Dad’s favorite past times is binging the Star Wars saga over and over again, how about setting up a family movie night from your own backyard? Hang a white bed sheet and project a movie onto the screen via a projector.

8. Pamper Dad with an in-house spa day

Contrary to popular belief, Dads can also enjoy the relaxing benefits of a spa day. Grab some sheet masks from your nearest drug store or pamper Dad with an in-home massage.

Before you dive into planning mode, figure out what kind of celebration your dad has in mind: Does he prefer a day jam-packed with activities or something more low-key? Then work your way down this list to find family-friendly ways to make his Father's Day as special as possible. Even if you'd rather spend your Sunday lounging on the couch, Father's Day is a time to do whatever your dad loves most..we assume is you the reason why he celebrate Father's day!!!

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