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Telling your other half or partner that you love them is very important to make him or her feel special. But just saying “I love you” might not be enough always. In such a scenario, you can take an extra step to show them how much you care and admire them and send romantic flowers! Flowers with their vibrant hues, gentle fragrances and soft textures can put a smile on your beloved’s face instantly. Plus, a fresh bunch of flowing lift their mood, end an argument you were having or simply liven up your relationship. So, here are a few ideas to go ahead with:

Say it with flowers!

Right from the Victorian era to this day, flowers have played a very important role when it comes to expressing love and are an important part of almost every occasion. There are a number of romanitic flowers arrangements available these days for occasions like betrothals and weddings especially. For example, who wouldn’t like to receive a gorgeous bouquet of red roses or a bunch of pink and red carnations?

Pink and red roses are a favourite among lovers as they symbolise romance and are elegant as well. These are in high demand during the month of February owing to Valentine's Day. 

Fall flowers like dahlias, chrysanthemums or gladioli can be a great gift for your partner too. Also consider gifting combos like red roses with a box of gourmet chocolates, or pink roses with a plush teddy bear. You can also send a delicious cake with flowers if it is your partner’s birthday.

Gift baskets are also a lovely way to show how much you care. It might be a basket of stylishly packaged chocolates in different flavours, or you might send a basket of savoury snacks like salami, sausage, cheese and chips too. Fruit baskets, spa hampers and grooming kits are also amazing gifts that have a romantic touch.

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