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Which gift basket ideas are best for fall?

Fall is the time to celebrate football, birthdays, anniversaries and Thanksgiving Day with friends and family. Fall gift baskets are appreciated for their warm sentimentality and cozy vibes. While it’s easy to order a pre-made fall basket with all sorts of treats and treasures, it’s often more fun — and sometimes more cost-effective — to design your own. 

Building the ideal fall gift basket involves a little bit of planning and research. If you’re including food items, for example, consider shelf-stable options for practical reasons. Gift baskets for one person may include fewer items or smaller servings, whereas those intended for households should contain enough treats for everyone to enjoy. And of course, you’ll need to decide how to adorn the fall basket — whether it’s with ribbon, raffia or artificial flowers. 

Gift baskets usually contain a diverse assortment of items that revolve around a central theme, such as scent, flavor, color or occasion. Some gift baskets contain half a dozen pieces, while others have as many as a couple dozen treats and treasures. There are also some gift baskets that contain a single big-ticket item with a few small complementary accessories.

Besides gift items, there are a few other gift basket essentials you may need to buy. Basket filler is often used to fill out the spaces between gift items, while basket bags help bundle and secure the contents in transit. Some gift baskets are lined with cut-to-size foam to minimize shock and stabilize items. 

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